At CoHo Accounting we make life easier for our clients by helping them achieve and maintain financial order, personally and professionally.

There are so many small businesses and individuals today who lack the time, interest or skills to handle the demands and complexity of their finances. We relieve this burden and stress with what we call “innovative CFO services”: we look at a client’s total financial picture and provide tailored guidance and support.

We further tailor our services with specialized expertise in guiding caregivers: guardians and executors of trusts and estates. Thoroughly versed in these special financial arrangements, we are also sensitive to the unique pressures of such a responsibility.

Like CFOs, we don’t do tax returns or manage investments, but we do work exceptionally well with our clients’ other professional advisors—tax specialists, financial planners, lawyers, healthcare experts—complementing their services. We also make just the right match when a client needs an advisor, drawing from a large network of experts we know and trust. We can assemble and/or manage a team of advisors as well, saving significant time and effort for our client.

At CoHo, we truly feel that we are on a mission to secure our clients’ peace of mind. We achieve our mission through our knowledge and experience, and the strong values that guide all our actions. We also believe that warmth and humor go a long way in helping our clients feel relaxed and secure.

Supportive, discrete and personable, we are ready to listen carefully and help. Please contact us today to let us know how we can bring you peace of mind.

  • Andrew R. Cohen