“Your invaluable assistance with our very intricate, bewildering financial situation has put my entire family at ease. We would surely be floundering without you. You possess a magic combination of expertise, understanding of human nature, and genuine warmth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!”

-Leslie N., Savannah, GA

“Andrew and Robert have a winning combination of comprehensive financial services expertise, creativity and warmth. CoHo has provided me with invaluable guidance regarding the best way to structure and track my corporation’s finances. I have definitely enjoyed greater piece of mind since I began working with CoHo Accounting.”

-Kevin B., Seattle, WA

“What I value most about CoHo Accounting is that they really listened to me and asked insightful questions–sometimes hard but important– to better direct the action I needed to take to get my financial house in order. They have a ‘get it done’ approach that I really appreciate.”

-Leslie S., Seattle WA

“Robert and Andrew at Coho Accounting give me peace of mind about my financial situation. They take the guess work out of my daily financial needs, and make my finances virtually stress free. They are very communicative, giving me confidence about what each day will bring, and I love that they make house calls. They care, they’re compassionate and trustworthy and they are there to help. I really appreciate their attention to detail and that they found a plan for that really fit my needs. Thanks, Robert and Andrew – you guys are great!”

-Kari H., Bellevue, WA

“I thoroughly enjoyed my creative work as a color design consultant, but was completely inept at record keeping. I thought I couldn’t afford to hire someone, but then I met with Andrew and Robert. Like knights in shining armor, they came to my rescue. Listening carefully to my concerns and challenges, they designed an easy-to-maintain bookkeeping system for me. It has not only freed me to continue my creative work, but I have also been able to grow my client base. They continue to answer my questions and ‘hold my hand’ as I get used to the tasks of running a business. I recommend them to anyone who wants to start or improve a business.”

-Rochelle R., Bellevue, WA

“If you want an informed, honest, and expert assessment of your finances, I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew Cohen of CoHo Accounting. He has the uncanny ability to separate the emotional from the factual, is an excellent listener, and works solely with his clients’ best interests in mind. Andrew devised some simple tools for my budgeting and cash flow, making it much easier to manage savings and expenditures, and to plan for the future while taking control of the present – valuable stuff, to say the least!”

-Joel P., San Rafael, CA

“I grow faint with dread when confronted with anything financial, and over the years Andrew has gently advised me through several near-crises. I can speak with absolute certainty to his integrity, business knowledge, and ability to explain complex financial concepts in simple terms. In addition, he once found an attorney for me, and after my mother’s death he worked with the executor of her estate to establish a financial plan I could work with.”

-Tony M., Seattle, WA

“Andrew and CoHo Accounting have continued to help me navigate this very challenging economic climate. As a small business owner, I have really valued Andrew’s ability to assist me in planning and cash management. I couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

-Greg G., San Francisco, CA