Do you have clients with accounting needs that fall outside the services you provide?

Frustrated by the proverbial shoebox full of receipts?

Looking for referral partnerships with effective professionals?

CPAs, financial planners, tax specialists, lawyers and health care professionals often have clients with needs beyond the scope of their work: small professional services firms, guardians, caregivers, lay trustees and other individuals who need help managing their increasingly complex finances, from making a budget to paying their bills.

And frequently, these same clients are working with a team of professionals, which can be overwhelming for them to manage.

CoHo can help.

Working either for you or your client directly, we can fill in accounting/bookkeeping gaps, help ensure that your financial plans and tax strategies are implemented, and create cohesion among all the professional advisors working with a client. We also have a vast referral network through which we can identify the right advisors when a certain expertise is called for.

In this way, we can expand your capabilities and service offerings and help strengthen your client relationships (and you’ll never see another shoebox of receipts again).

Your clients’ peace of mind is our goal.