Our mission is our clients’ peace of mind. CoHo Accounting is committed to making a positive difference in our clients’ lives through careful, respectful and caring accounting planning and assistance.


Clients and colleagues can count on CoHo Accounting to be:

  • TRUSTWORTHY Honest, fair, discrete, with tremendous integrity
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE Experienced experts
  • DILIGENT Dedicated, motivated, committed to truly helping clients
  • EFFECTIVE Capable, results-driven, meticulous
  • CONNECTED To our clients’ lives and priorities, and to the network of professionals who serve our clients
  • CARING Warm, sensitive, non-judgmental, open, respectful, engaged
  • EASY TO WORK WITH Good communicators, approachable, responsive, calm, collaborative
  • READY TO MENTOR Experts you can trust to guide your financial decisions and look out for your best interests
  • NICE TO BE AROUND Friendly, relaxed, smiling – a little good humor never hurts