Internal Revenue Service
Social Security


Washington State Department of Revenue
Washington Secretary of State
Washington State New Hire Reporting Tool


City of Seattle Business License and Taxes
King County Parcel Viewer (tracks your property tax payments)
Snohomish County Tax Assessor


Budgeting and Personal Finance

Expenses Calculator
Budgeting 101
Tool for Saving for a Goal
Net Worth Calculator
Guide to Getting Out of Debt


10 Must-Know Checking Account Terms
Anatomy of a Checking Statement

Credit and Other Cards

How to Get a Lower Credit Card Rate
New Regulations on those Pesky Gift Cards You Forget to Use

Accounting Software

About the Software We Use for Individuals
About the Software We Use for Small Business

Money Management Resources

American Association of Daily Money Managers


Daily Money Management

“Daily Money Managers for the Average Jill or Joe” – Bankrate
“Do You Need a Daily Money Manager?” – The Motley Fool
“Get Help to Tackle Paperwork” – Kiplinger

Personal and Family Finance

“How to Not Pay Your Bills” – MSN Money
“Talking With Aging Parents About Finances” – ElderCare Online
“Hiring a Maid? Hire an Accountant, Too” – MSN Money
Related link: Schedule H –for household employees

Advice for Small Businesses

5 Tips to Add Hours to Your Day – Freelance Switch
The Pitfalls of Using the IRS as a Lender – AllBusiness

Articles by CoHo

“The Pitfalls of Using a Credit or Debit Card” – by Andrew Cohen
“Embezzlement Prevention Strategies from Accountant Andrew Cohen”