CoHo provides tailored services to meet the needs of our diverse clients, from the strategic (budgeting and cash flow analysis) to the tactical (bill payment and mail handling) to the highly specialized (managing estate valuation processes and preparing annual reporting for Guardians of the Courts):

SMALL BUSINESSES Helping small professional services firms to take care of the financial side of running a business enables their owners and managers to focus on what they do best – and spend more time with family and friends.

CAREGIVERS Managing the finances of someone unable to do it themselves is a serious responsibility with unique pressures. CoHo has expertise in the financial aspects of guardianships, trusts and estates, and provides supportive guidance to lay trustees and caregivers of all kinds.

INDIVIDUALS For anyone lacking the time, interest and/or ability to manage accounting, bookkeeping and other essentials of one’s financial life, CoHo is here to help.

And CoHo works with and helps to form teams of PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS so all can offer clients complete assistance.